Mechanical & Electrical Contractor

LITAR ABADI ENGINEERING (M) SDN. BHD, as an engineering and contracting with experienced in the construction industry. We are primarily involved in mechanical and electrical contracting, and we also carry out projects with a design and build concept.

We approach each project with professionalism and dedication in order to ensure that the equipment and services provided are of the highest quality.

Preventive Maintenance Main Switch Board

Due to the energy flow in the system, switchboards carry high voltage and current, which tends to heat up the lines. As a result, we provide some preventive maintenance which is:

  • Switchboard maintenance includes busbar inspections and maintenance on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation.
  • Connection’s check
  • Cleaning of busbar. This procedure can be done using a vacuum cleaner and also with special dielectric cleaners.

Building Maintenance Services

We perform regular inspections to identify areas that require attention and to complete the tasks. The following tasks were completed:

Maintenance of electrical installations includes:

  • Earthing test
  • Insulation
  • Polarity

Solar system Installation & Services

As an expert company in engineering, we also provide solar system installation and maintenance. What we do for the maintenance of solar panels is:

  • Annual inspection
  • Cleaning

Networking & Telephone Cable Installation

One of the primary structured cabling systems that we offer to our customers is the earthing system. Our company specialises in the engineering, design, installation, and testing of low impedance electrolytic grounding in new and existing facilities for commercial and industrial applications. The earthing system of an electrical installation determines how a power supply’s (usually a transformer) neutral is connected to the ground.

Air Conditioning Installation & Services

Litar Abadi Engineering specialises in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. We also deal with building, commercial and residential air-conditioning designs. We have assembled a team of professionally trained servicemen to handle all aspects of air conditioning. We provide the following services:

  • Designing of air-conditioning system
  • Installation and troubleshooting
  • Repairing
  • Routine and Preventive maintenance
  • Filtration services
  • Channelling work and building automation systems
  • Modification of air-conditioning with system replacement